Safety tips
Our first and foremost preference is your safety. We use premier safety principles at report agreement segment. Doubtful summaries are distant and disqualified straight away. For safety purpose we are giving you some advices regarding your protection, these are:
    •    You should keep away from giving your details through electronic means, and your conversation with other members should be through this platform.
    •    If any members trap you and ask for any financial assistance, then don’t give any money to them because these are just bogus and in such type of case you must inform us.
    •    Understand the communications / reports with awareness and make sure that they are not unnecessary / impractical.
    •    We will give you the channel through which you can take information from other members.
    •    You can block any member, if you don’t want to talk with them.
    •    Keep on unspecified until you belief them.
    •    You will not share your profile until you select a specific person.
    •    Request for a photograph for the profiles in which you are interested.
    •    Call and talk earlier than you organize meeting.



Website Status

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