About us:

SunniRishtay.com is a marital service based upon religion, Islam. It has been developed to help millions of Muslims to choose their life- partners in a simple and an easy way. This is an equally beneficial for all states of people like parent, brother, sister. Widow, divorced and friend who are looking good ones for their loved-ones.. As the Marriage is a critical and a thoughtful matter so the experts have provided such strict rules by applying them; the seeker can find an appropriate match in a very short time. Likewise can protect from facetious folks. Providing services with the best belief, loyalty, transparency and security is the motive of this website.


"Help you find your mates of your own nature"



This is a plain truth that a happy life is based on right marital decision and a right decision is built on perfect rules and principles and that the best rules are derived from divine laws. Our mission is to provide people of Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaat, a best matchmaking experience by laying out a variety of marital rules so that you can choose the one that suits you by applying them and enjoy the real life.  

Core Values:

Social Responsibility





Safety & Assurance



It has been determined to provide a safe and secure mode of matching among Muslims. To achieve this goal, the maximum safekeeping checks at a variety of stages – at the time of making a profile, entering a data, login to an account and saving a profile, has been set up. Your secret data is confidential that will stay on SunniRishtay.com and will never reveal to anyone. 




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